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"Everyone should be allowed to have an employment according to their own ability"

Unfortunately, not everyone has a job or an education to go to, even though many would like to. It may be long-term sick leavers who are away from working life because they cannot meet an employer's conditions or it may be newcomers with poorer knowledge of the local language. Here, tomorrow's opportunities are created for everyone who really wants to. If there is only the will, there are also the possibilities. 


"Everyone should have the opportunity to learn according to their own conditions"

The old classroom is passé. New knowledge about how to learn or absorb new things is constantly evolving. The World Social Label and the European Social Label's education department, European Future Label, are at the forefront so that young people, new arrivals and those with functional variations can make the best use of their time in education. It should not matter if you do not know the language, have ADHD, dyslexia or dyscalculia or lack vision. European Future Label has the tools to get around these and many more challenges. The European Future Label also offers tailor-made courses and programs to get in direct contact with the business community to ensure that what is studied is relevant and that there is an opportunity for work directly upon completion of studies. European Future Label is part of the European Social Label. 


"By tolerating differences and counteracting exclusion poverty"

That is not really the case today, unfortunately. People are judged for wearing the wrong clothes or are seen as a problem if they have a functional variation. The World Social Label Institute wants to counteract this by developing universal tools that suit everyone, both private individuals, entrepreneurs as well as authorities to better interpret and understand each other. It is when people can communicate with each other that hatred decreases and understanding increases. With increased understanding, exclusion decreases and more people become involved in society. 


Make it attractive for business to work with people in isolation

You have to make your entrance somewhere in the political wheel. The World Social Label Institute focuses primarily on business. This is about companies that take social responsibility and spend both time and money helping others should also get something back. It can be about brand development, cost savings, increased sales or something else that the company needs. Here, both products and services have been developed and even more are underway.


"Based on the business community's desire for competence, create educations that match their future needs"

It has been established that in many countries, especially Sweden, too many people study for far too long. It creates demographic challenges and it does not necessarily guarantee work after graduation. For this reason, the World Social Label and the European Social Label have developed their own education department that works for shorter educations that are directly linked to the business community. The department is called the European Future Label and is, as the name suggests, a way into the future for those who choose to study here. 


“Reduce the time to get into society through entrepreneurship and idea-driven activities ”

For many, going to an interview is a big challenge, especially if there is a language comprehension or a functional variation involved. For those who are interviewed, it is impossible not to be affected personally and you end up in a direct disadvantage. But for those who instead create their own company and are to hold an interview, it can be experienced as something reversed in a positive sense, where the person being interviewed sees a person with a visible functional variation who has succeeded. Self-employment is a good alternative to going unemployed. If you have a variation in function that means that you cannot work as an employee and according to an employer's wishes and requirements, you as your own can set your own time and decide how much or how little you want to work. If you have another mother tongue, you can also choose to work according to it. European Social Label has a two-year program for anyone who wants to start a business but needs a little extra help and support, regardless of whether it is about how to start a business, to find suppliers, accounting or support at an important meeting with a customer. 

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